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Has your pool turned green and do you need help?

Has your pool turned green? Don’t was time taking weeks trying to get a result. Why not get us to recover your green pool and protect your family and friends from those nasty diseases caused by the green pool. We’ll have your water back to crystal clear in no time, and with our top-notch pool cleaning services, we can stop your pool from going green again. 

Why did my pool turn green?

Before we jump into the deep end, let’s take a quick look at the main reasons why your pool turned green and why it’s a good idea you stay on top of any pool maintenance.

  • Improper pH balance – A pH level that’s too low can erode pool materials and cause eye irritation, but when it’s too high, it will not kill bacteria or algae (and can also cause skin irritation). A pH level that is out of balance can lead to issues with water discolouration.
  • Clogged filter – If your filter isn’t working, you’re going to have trouble keeping your pool clean. Not only will algae continue to grow, but you could also be breeding bacteria and debris that will change the colour of the water.
  • Change in the weather – Algae loves and thrives in warm, humid environments. If there has been a recent change in the weather, you have to be extra diligent about cleaning the pool. Prolonged exposure to the sun, rain and spikes in temperature all affect the chemical balance of the pool (or the pH levels) and also contribute to the pool water turning cloudy, or green.
  • Incorrect levels of required pool chemicals – If you have been regularly using your pool, or the pool has been out of use and not serviced as regularly, you may not have enough chlorine in there to keep the algae at bay.

As there are many different reasons why your pool has turned green, it is also good to know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” method to fixing a green pool and each case requires it’s own solution. And this is where we can help. There is very little we have seen when it comes to green pools, our experienced pool technicians can have your water back to clear in no time at all. 

When we are finished, we’ll teach you to maintain your pool so that nasty green stays away, or we can continue to take care of it for you with our on-going professional pool maintenance services. We’ll make sure your pool never turns green again! 


Is it safe to swim in a green pool?

Whilst the algae in your pool may not be harmful, there may be other bacteria growing that can be, for example eColi or Salmonella. Because of this, we do not recommend swimming in a green pool. 


The pricing for green pools will be provided after viewing the pool, as it is depending on the pool size, how bad the problem is and how many visits are required to fix the green pool. Pricing for any equipment, chemicals or disposables that may be required to clean the pool water, this will be advised as part of the quote also. 


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